Cure the NHS submission to the Public Inquiry

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  • Mel Winsley says

    Julie thank you so much for fighting and speaking out for millions of us who have suffered from the pure evil and criminal offences of the NHS for many years and beggars belief no-one has been brought to justice and jailed for their crimes. I agree with Julie, Nicholson and co must GO if he does not resign he must be sacked and pay for his serious failings. Julie we must get rid of him ourselves by public outcry and a public petition and finally get rid of this man for good. We need action now. How can Cameron sleep at night after what this man has been responsible for and then Cameron promotes a man for failure it is beggars belief. We need to act now and get rid and many others be named and shamed. I have been watching Julie in her many interviews with the media, she is just brilliant, articulate and a wonderful speaker and puts politicians and the NHS Trust Boards and Management to utter shame.