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On 4th June NHS England asked the National Institute for Health and
Care Excellence (NICE) to suspend its programme on safe staffing in the
NHS. ?The publication of evidence-based guidelines on safe staffing in
A&E, due in May, and any further guidance from NICE, seems to have been
shelved. ?The capacity for independent review of research evidence on
safe staffing, provided by NICE and called for by Sir Robert Francis in
his Mid-Staffs report, has been discarded. ?Sir Robert himself has
expressed serious concerns about this development:

“I specifically recommended the work which Nice has been undertaking
for a reason, namely they have an evidence-based and analytical
approach which I believed would be very helpful in filling what
appeared to be a gap in the discussions on this topic. Nice also has an
advantage not enjoyed by NHS England of being independent.”

These concerns have been reflected since the announcement in the
profound dismay expressed by health professional representative bodies,
clinicians, educators and researchers at the withdrawal of NICE’s
independent evaluation and the dilution of commitments to act on the
conclusions of Sir Robert’s report.

As my MP, I urge you to do everything in your power to reinstate the
role of NICE in the development of safe staffing guidelines for the
NHS, and to secure the publication of guidelines on safe staffing in
A&E, due in May of this year.

Yours sincerely,



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