Our Aims

  • Improve patient safety and care within the NHS.
  • Provide support and advice to other victims.
  • Share our experiences to help to influence others

Through our work and campaigning we have compiled  a ‘Blueprint for the NHS‘ Our recommendations are summarised below:

We recommend that the Health Secretary needs to get on with (should have got on with years ago)   :-

  • Rebuilding the culture of safety and care
  • Implementing Two Essential Systems – safety management and quality management
  • Establishing a Single Regulatory Body
  •  “Stop and Make Safe” – Assuring Patients and Communities
  • Re-establishing Clinical Leadership of the NHS
  • A Rapid End to Whistleblowing
  • Drawing Coroners into the Assurance of Patient Safety and Quality of Care
  • Complaint Handling
  • Investigation of Healthcare Failures
  • Giving HealthWatch a Stronger Voice
  • Putting the Nursing Back in Nurses


Read or download our full Blueprint for the NHS article here.