New Care Quality Commission Chair Praises Cure the NHS

After his first meeting with Julie Bailey and other Cure the NHS members in Stafford recently, David Prior, the new Chair of the Care Quality Commission (CQC), who was appointed in January, spoke candidly of his appreciation of the whistle blowing group’s work.

Mr Prior said, “One of the lessons that I have learned from the tragedy that occurred at Mid Staffs Hospital is humility. It took the dogged determination, perseverance and courage of Julie Bailey and a small number of others to bring to light a catastrophic failure at the heart of one of our most cherished institutions, the NHS.”

While support for Julie Bailey’s campaign for better care is continuing to grow across the country, she and other Cure the NHS supporters have been the subject of a hate campaign within their home town of Stafford and this was discussed during the meeting.

David Prior spoke unambiguously about the positive role Cure the NHS has had on the nation’s most cherished institution, saying, “They succeeded where everyone else failed. I think we will look back on their campaign in a few years time and be able to say that they have fundamentally changed the NHS. They will have ensured that patient safety, compassion and care quality are entrenched at the heart of the NHS. It will be for others to do this, including the Secretary of State and the Care Quality Commission, but we will never forget that it was a few normal, decent people in a café in Stafford that made the vital difference.”

The founder of Cure the NHS, Julie Bailey told us, “Our aim is to highlight the areas within the Health Service where better care is needed and this is a goal we share with the CQC. We are very pleased to have had such an open and constructive meeting with Mr Prior. We look forward to working with Mr Prior and the CQC wherever possible and we welcome the opportunity we have already been given to comment on a draft document regarding patients’ feedback about the care they have received.”

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