Mid Staffs Clinical Excellence Awards

Cure the NHS have always said that despite so many lives lost and so much harm, not one person has been held to account for the failings all that has happened is that they have been rewarded for those failings. The clinical excellence awards is further evidence of that.
Remember the RCS went in to the hospital in 2007 and recommended that all the Dr’s were psychologically tested. They went back in. in 2010 and said that the colorectal dept was the most dangerous and dysfuntional team they had ever encountered, surgery must stop immediately.

I feel physically sick reading the list as I cannot begin to tell you how many complaints I have had from relatives and sufferers about the lack of care they have received from some of these Dr’s and yet they still get rewarded.
The first time the group met Antony Sumara who had just joined the trust, we asked him to stop two particular colorectal surgeons operating as they were harming so many people within our community. Both are on this list and received awards and both were sent off for retraining, even while they were being supervised we were receiving complaints from the hospital they had been sent to.

Some of these Dr’s either harmed patients & carried on harming patient, others allowed the harm to continue, yet they still get rewarded

I am told that Dr’s put themselves forward for these awards all those from Mid Staffs have no morals otherwise they wouldnt have put themselves forward, after the harm they have caused so many.

The whole system stinks and allows the culture to continue

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  • jeannette williams says

    dear julie,thank you so very much for your advice this morning.surprise surprise,my father is being moved to a lovely brand new nursing home specialising in dementia tomorrow morning.totally funded as well.i truly cannot believe the difference 24hrs makes if you threaten them with the right people.it shouldnt be like this.it is a terribly stressful time for families.if there is anything i can do to help other families that are going through this,then please contact me.heartfelt thanks once again.jeannette williams.