Hate Campaign- name and shame

A friend called me today telling me that someone named Stephen Gullick had added a review on Amazon about my book- a very hurtful review but I thought it is the readers right to review a book they have purchased. But then I realised that the name was familiar with me and when I looked through my emails I realised that this man is probably the same man who sent me a series of emails which I have attached below. I also remember contacting the police about this man because of comments he was putting on a facebook site. There was nothing they could do to help me and he obviously continues his campaign against me

This is something we have had to put up with for four years now and I have reached a point where I have had enough of it. Its time to start exposing these people

Received 05/11/11

Well, it looks very much like Stafford is to lose the A&E department at Stafford Hospital.
So, a big thank-you to Julie Bailey and her ‘Cure the NHS’ and to Staffordshire Newsletter, both of whom launched a determined and, obviously, successful campaign to get ‘something done’ about Stafford Hospital. Well done, something has now ‘been done’ – and believe me, it’s just the start.

I hope the campaigners for this action do not have the occasion to seek emergency help as the extended trip to Stoke or Wolverhampton for A&E could well cost them their life.

Well done Julie Bailey – I hope you are proud of yourself.

From: Steve Gullick



I can only conclude that you are very pleased with your cure for Stafford DGH. Well done! You have now ensured many more Staffordians WILL die thanks to your misplaced anger and grief! Very sorry for your loss but inflicting that same pain on others by proxy is not the way to go about it.
Once again congratulations on a campaign well fought I will ensure that the name Julie Bailey is on the lips of every man, woman and child that has to endure the suffering of losing a loved one due to the closure of Staffords A&E dept. £3million spent on a meaningless “enquiry” could well have been spent on medicine and doctors for our A&E dept. You and your poorly thought through campaign have ensured that money has been directed away from vital facilities at our hospital. A hospital that has saved lives of my family. Please abandon your campaign before any more damage is done. Many more lives will be lost in vain if this ridiculous campaign continues. Rest assured I will be in constant contact regarding this very dire issue.

Yours in hope,

Andrew Gullick


I am dismayed that I have not received an acknowledgment for my message yesterday.

However, a question for your campaign. If the shocking and terrifying M5 disaster had occurred on the M6 between J13 and J14. At a similar time to the M5 crash (approximately 8.30pm) and Stafford DGH has had it A&E dept closed or working at limited capacity. How many lives do you think would be lost needlessly?

I realise the reason behind the proposed closure is down to cost. The unrelenting attack on our Hospital has now cost around £3,000,000. I believe this money would have been better spent on Doctors and Nurses. What does your campaign think?

I realise that there were problems at Stafford DGH and there should be answers given. Has this now gone on long enough? The hospital is changing you have won!

Perhaps you are not yet sated. I suggest the oncology dept should be the next target, or perhaps the childrens ward.

People will always die in a hospital, sometimes these deaths are avoidable. Doctors and nurses are human beings and will make errors from time to time. Especially when being driven by targets enforced by unthinking managers. I am curious to know whether you believe that the Doctors and Nurses at SDGH entered into their profession to help people or whether it was for the money? I doubt Nurses do it for the cash really I do.

The image of our Hospital has been forever tarnished now. What is it you require for victory in this campaign. So far it seems that you are intent on destroying the NHS. I hope this is wrong but I fear the worst.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Andrew Gullick

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  • Dee Speers says

    Totally unacceptable Julie…
    Name and Shame is the only way and I will retweet at every opportunity. No way should this be happening!
    Keep sending Tweets out there!
    Could start with NHS Managers next…..we have enough evidence.
    Dee x

    • GN Heal says

      There are many calls to regulate health care assistants who are supervised and managed by registrants in the form of nurses. Managers stand to do more harm yet where is the call to regulate managers!!! One for the politicians methinks!

    • eric says

      Yes,this should never be happening, but the NHS sees it this way, the patients die the more money they save.
      I would like to start a campain against the appaling GP’s we have in this country, it’s not only the hospitals that are bad

  • greer says

    My family went through the same hell when my beloved 95 year old Mum went into hospital last Sept. we took shifts for 8 weeks to make sure her needs were met. After i complained we and my Mum were treated so so badly. I have started the complaints procedure but the pain of loosing my Mum has stalled it, but for her and all the other frail and vulnerable i will continue. I also saw patients in my Mums bay of 6 die bec they weren’t fed or given water. How does this happen?
    My Mum was in Torbay hospital, Devon

  • Coln Hodgson says

    Cure The NHS is a grassroots movement, a genuine response from ordinary people. Julie Bailey is a national herone and deserves the OBE. The attack on her book is no surprise to anyone who knows about the forces behind Britsh politics. The state never likes any challenge to the established poltics and will always attack anyone who becomes a tall poppy.

  • Coln Hodgson says

    How can anyone criticise wrongdoings being put right? What will Gullick’s response to the Francis report be? Will he condemn it for criticisng the failings of the management of certain NHS hospitals, it wasn’t only Stafford? Julie Bailey should be on every newpaper front page as Britain’s greatest champion of truth and justice.

  • Anonymous says

    Hi Julie, I have not given my name or email address because I would get disciplined for speaking out. I just want to say it is refreshing to see someone fight for the patients and the nurses. It is growing more difficult to provide the care nurses wish to give with the stress, bullying and interference from management. Nurses would be much more happier with more respect and support from management. Keep up the good work.

  • Keith Halligan says

    When you have finished exposing the numerous failings of hospitals that are currently in the national news,come and have a word with the numerous people of barrow in Furness who would love to tell of their experiences,I would take a guess that there will not be many families who would not be affected by the local hospitals antics!!!!

  • GN Heal says

    The man clearly has an interest in keeping poor services going regardless of the impact on the unsuspecting! Patients are at their most vulnerable and the healthcare profession should be there to ensure the best possible care is provided. At a time of centralisation of services I do not believe that your campaign could have effected the close of the ED, more likely it’s more effective to provide it elsewhere, realise some saving AND an improvement in trauma care.

    ED’s cannot be on everyone’s doorstep so regardless of where a trauma event happens it is a lottery as to where the nearest ED is. Mr Gullick clearly is not in touch with the vision for a better healthcare system, the direction of central government in terms of efficiencies and the rights of a patient to expect nothing but the best possible standards of care.

    If your campaign is successful on either bringing about a closure of a service that is unsafe or a change in that service to the benefit of the patient then you are being effective in your vision, well done!! If this email thread continues would suggest discussions with the police as I feel there are covert threats present?

    Good luck!! And I look forward to reading the next instalment of the Mid Staffs debacle!

  • Julie says

    Thank goodness for Julie Bailey, I am a 52 year old woman and I was reduced to a terrified, vulnerable shadow of my former self. I can only describe some of my care as tortuous, cruel and totally lacking in empathy. I know this sounds far fetched but beleive me it is not. I compare my treatment 4 years ago to a 4 month hospital stay on a trauma ward 28 years ago. I had multiple fractures and many surgeries and when I look back I have to say for all the injuries I sustained, and the pain I went through it was actually a positive experience, the difference in attitudes between then and now is huge. Note taking is a big problem it is like being on trial without jury they write things in notes about us which we never get to know about unless we ask for our records, and then of course if we disagree we have no redress, everyone believes the establishment not the patient.
    How did it get to this, let us try to turn the clock back 28 years.

  • Malcolm Billing says

    Dear Julie. My wife had to spend some time over Christmas in the SDGH. The situation there has not changed at all and for someone to say that they’re not short staffed is one big lie. all the staff we talked to complained that they were struggling to get staff, one doctor told me that they can’t get doctor to work at the SDGH as they don’t want it on there CV’s. I worry if my wife has to go back into hospital again.

  • Steve says

    Sounds like you have a sociopath lurking in the wings!

    I hope your campaign starts to have an effect throughout the UK soon. This lack of duty of care is becoming a virus to our society. Disgusting that hospitals treat their patients like slabs of meat, excuse the pun. Over paid and under trained in a ‘care’ system that does not care. That is the trouble with recuiting medical staff from a society growing from a deluge of young upstarts that have no care for anyone but themselves. I hope the truth hurts damn hard! Take note Britain because you aren’t so great now.

  • Charles mccaughey says

    Would welcome my close association to pressure for improvements to the nhs in the northern region. I am a psychotherapist who took early retirement from the nhs 5 years ago as director of primary care in County Durham pct. I’m deplore some of the slack health care regularly experienced and the current and future cog commissioning groups. I would welcome involvement in year organisation in the horn east.

  • Janice says

    Hi, I lost my mum I 1997 it only took 4 days to finish her off.the name of the worst nurse haunts me still.doctors cowards when needed to lead humane regime.’Royal’ college of nursing a disgrace.prison sentences required to get control of systematic neglect and cruelty.Mr.Gullick does see that every soul important when in need not just a chosen few.good luck Julie,God bless.jan

  • Janice says

    Sorry,i should have typed ‘Mr.Gullick does NOT see…….I heard a stastitic that thousands of people have died of neglect,cant remember over what area or over how long. My mum died in London.they couldnt be bothered to find priest for last rites.i was there being abused for holding her hand.nurse then said if she doesnt shut up we’ll put you somewhere else,[she was moaning,not too loud].They did.that,and we were ignored for hours until the end in an ante room in the dark.shut up Gullick.jan

  • Janice says

    Just looked at utube.Peter Carter bought off old dinosaur,not fit for purpose like a lot in Nhs.he mentions saving 20 billion which is able to be done with his help I think.its the beginning of the end of Nhs as we know it,especially with egotistic old liars on sinecures like him.what is his salary anyway for keeping his eyes and.mouth shut about inhumane treatment and apalling suffering in Nhs.janice

  • Maddy Hackett says

    I’ve read his poisonous comments on amazon Julie, yes, very cruel and hurtful, the man isn’t fit to lick your boots, he is nothing more than plant life – and that’s insulting plant life. I too suffered threats and hate mail a few years ago when a group of us tried to stop a locked psychiatric hospital for male sex offenders openeing on a a small industrial site in the middle of a housing estate and about 10 mins walk from the nursery/primary school. We knew nothing about it until the diggers arrived, we fought it all the way and it nearly killed us. It got built but several on the Planning Committe had to go (Retired with golden handshakes) we did get one off them suspended for his treatment of us and we uncovered 62 major building projects (Big commercial ones ) that hadn’t advertised for information in the local communties they affected. They had to eat humble pie but the building went ahead. (As you will gather – long story).
    All the best, we’re with you all the way. M

  • David Wogel says

    Keep up the good work Julie, I was in the healthcare business and worked overseas for many years and on my return was shocked at the generally poor standards of healthcare in the UK. I don’t believe it is a shortage of money but a failure of leadership and poor quality management. There are many excellent NHS staff that are prevented from doing a good job through lack of tools, facilities and management failure.
    Good Luck

  • Terry Laing says

    my mother died some years ago.In her 80s she had a fall while unattended in a hospital ward.In pain,she was put in a chair and left.When visited later by relatives the pain had to be raised with staff : it was ultimately found that she had broken her hip.
    Before this accident she had been expected to leave hospital and return to the care home where she was a resident.Instead she was put on a morphine drip and subsequently died.
    We believe someone decided that due to her age the fractured hip was inoperable and she should be allowed to die-if that was the decision we were never advised of it.The fact remained that the accident occurred when my mother was left unattended and she was put back on a seat with a broken hip and the pain she was in had to be pointed out to staff responsible for her care.
    Good luck with your campaign

  • Janice says

    Harold shipman pales into insignificance if people can kill by neglect without prison sentences doled out to them as would be justified.if a baby is neglected to death or injury arent carers before courts? Why are ‘angel’ nurses and the rest not prosecuted? Janice.

  • sandra martin says

    I think Andrew Gullick is very fortunate that members of his family have had thier lives saved at Stafford hospital, I wonder how he would have felt if those same family members had not survived through wilfull neglect. I think he is missing the point completely and although I can see where he is coming from he must realise that it is sheer fluke that he had a good experience when this hospital has so many flaws, as do many others.
    I think that this campaign does not go far enough as this is a nation wide problem with our hospitals and someone in government needs to be brave enough to overhaul the whole NHS system. I have had the same experiences in Worcester Royal Hospital with staff that dont speak English, Doctors that are never there, patients left in wet beds, tablets and food sitting on the side out of reach. The system need overhauling. Good luck to everyone actively campaigning. S.M.

  • Lizzie Lines says

    They could be relatives? Maybe brothers?
    Anyway, it doesn’t matter now because you have been well and truly vindicated. Well done.

  • Patrick Phelan says


  • Jan Neale says

    I live in Stafford and have suffered myself from bad treatment at this hospital and also been stone walled with so many excuses from management past and present at this hospital and at Cannock! when I dared to ask for an explanation. I applaud you Julie and without your sheer guts and backbone this would have been laid covered up for even longer for as sure as heck no management or the Secretary of State for Health cared a flying fig for the truth! Name and shame all these people like Mr Gullick – if that is is real name – as these ilk seem to be so damned afraid of the truth! Maybe Mr Gullick has an agenda whereby he is a senior manager at this NHS Trust and is frightened of his well paid job being in the lurch or he did something to to a patient he is now ashamed of? Just carry on the good work and the likes of Gullick and Co will thank you themselves one of these days if ever one of their;s is on the receiving end of the shambolic mess which is Stafford Hospital! Even with this latest report from Mr Francis I for one do not think much will change as even now to date there are still complaints and this present CEO is chanting out the same worthless mindless mantra as is nothing matters!

  • Patricia Potts says

    This person ‘Gullick’ used the word we, so maybe I would not be far wrong from thinking he was once on the staff off Stafford Hospital.
    His deluded words should be ignored as he does not see the big Picture of this appalling neglect of vulnerable patients.
    I cannot, do not want to believe that there were no registered nurses that did not question and challenge the standards on the wards.
    When I, still a registered nurse after many years, qualified, it was made very clear to me that I was wholly accountable for my actions, and would be held to account
    When was this professional accountability taken away from those best qualified to give an assessment of basic need.
    I am ashamed to belong to that group of professionals who seemed to have had their eyes closed and allowed those vulnerable patients to receive little or no care.
    Accountability should be sort at all levels. Disgraceful!,

  • Haydn Charlesworth says

    I am full of admiration for what you have achieved so far, especially as since the 1970’s I have been aware of severe problems with the structure and management of the NHS despite the fact that a lot of good and dedicated people do work for it as well. I think most of the worst problems stem from management, the dogma of our politicians, and a very long history of secrecy within the health service generally.
    I would definitely agree that cases of neglect and abuse should result in penalties including dismals. The higher the office the more serious the offence is a principle which needs some insisting upon. From that point of view it is about time that whistle blowers were prevented from suffering for having a conscience. I think generally it is important to attempt to make it a criminal offence to dismiss whistle blowers if at all possible.

  • Matthew says

    Never give up Julie you have achieved so much my only worry is when the grown ups say lessons will be learnt it is a signal for saying we got away with it. Keep up the great work

  • James Stewart says

    You are all an inspiration, getting senior leaders to admit there is a systemic issue across the NHS is the first step in any transformational change. The good news is that there are examples out there where this change has happened. Denver Healthcare and Virgina Mason in the USA started a similar journey over 8 years ago. I have been leading organisational and industry transformation for over 15 years and have experienced what is possible. 1 year ago my wife suffered a stroke as a result of surgery for a brain tumor, we live in a Surrey. With every minute of life so precious I spent 6 months having had to fight the most senior leaders within the local health economy in Surrey to secure the care she has needed. I am now leading a review into stroke services in Surrey and after speaking tomany other stroke patients abd careers am shocked at the lack of compassion and lack of delivery of minimum national standards.
    A new age of healthcare must start and leaders must go! It happened in financial services why is healthcare so different!

  • Loretta66 says

    Dear Julie
    What a very brave and hardworking daughter you are. I am a practising nurse and daughter and will continue to take an interest in your campaign on behalf of all vulnerable patients. If you send the previous emails you have received from this character to Amazon, you may well find that they will remove his objectionable comments. On a brighter note his objectionable comments have certainly prompted me to get onto Amazon and get a copy for myself which I am guessing will make it easier for you to ignore his remarks. Today will have been an intense day for you – I wish you all strength to continue your remarkable efforts.

  • Jacqui Ricketts says

    In the last 7 months I have had very difficult experiences with 3 hospitals with my patents who are in their 80s. But when I make a complaint I’m told it has to come from my parents, but they are too frightened to complain as they are worried what will happen to them next time. My mother was discharged with pneumonia, having not seen the physicist to see if she was fit to cope at home alone, nobody at home and no key to get in her home, how do I get someone to listen seriously to my complaints

  • manx says

    Please see the article of the British Medical Journal from last week on how SHA deliberately and deceptively rubbished the facts around the death numbers. It is time for people who covered up this calamity to be taken out of the system. Some of them have been promoted in the new Public Health UK – these people should be stopped now. They are not worth the money they are paid. Talking about culture these managers are moved to newly designed jobs made for them and by them and without open competition for the new structure of the health service. With their behaviour of incompetence they deceive they manipulate – they are self serving individuals who have been moving around from one reform to another without accounting for the misdeeds they leave behind.

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  • Jim Yates says

    Treat Mr Gullicks remarks with contempt they deserve. The NHS is riddled with bullies at all levels and this is just another one of them. (Its odds on he has something to do with the Trust) I worked in this organisation for over twenty years in Grt Manchester and I know first hand the kind of tacticts they use against people who dare to stand up to them. I could relate to many many incidents that would make people cringe. Keep up your campaign against these people and never let them intimidate you. Good luck and Best wishes.

  • Molly Printemps says

    Julie. The work you are doing is amazing and I really admire your ability to stay calm and speak in such an eloquent manner. You put these people to shame. Stay calm as you are doing. People will always try to trash your good work..the darkness seeks to destroy the light. Keep shining brightly. There are millions of people behind you supporting you.

  • eileen kirk says

    Dear Julie,
    After watching BBC Breakfast this morning, I visited your ‘Cure The NHS’ web page.
    Be so very proud of all you’ve achieved Julie!
    Our lives were blown apart in 2005, with the death of our daughter and first grandchild, at Sherwood Birthing Unit, King’s Mill Hospital.
    After six years of denial and cover-up, the Ombudsman finally disproved, “Everything was done, that could possibly be done, and in no way did the treatment affect the outcome.”
    Ofcourse, no-one was brought to account – until that happens, nothing will change. Thanks so much for giving so many a voice!
    Warmest Wishes, Eileen Kirk

  • Dear Julie

    I hope you see this message, because I am almost computer illiterate (though have – I think – all my ‘marbles’)

    My wife and I returned to the UK a few years ago after 30+ years in South Africa where we experienced superb medical care.

    Without boring you with irrelevent detail we were truly horrified at what we found – not only in the NHS – with the result my wife suffered a stroke. The “care” she received in Hereford almost killed her, but with grit, determination (and a deal of money) she
    is now walking (or rather was until Monday when her “medication”
    was changed to a cheaper generic substance).

    I bought your book. I am now going to buy more for my children
    (not that they need the details one is a FRCS, another a midwife whilst the other practises at the Criminal Bar).

    Hope these new purchases will support your cause with a few groats in royalties (I have been unable to work since caring for my wife) and have made numerous comments on Amazon – not my usual habit despite being a prolific reader, and have hopefully subscribed to your newsletter: but who, if I may ask, is this paranoid Gullick family?

    He says all his details are on your website, but I cannot find them.
    Even if I do, I shall bot approach him but please warch your back.

    Take care and the Lord be with you.


  • Dear Julie

    I hope you see this message, because I am almost computer illiterate (though have – I think – all my ‘marbles’)

    My wife and I returned to the UK a few years ago after 30+ years in South Africa where we experienced superb medical care.

    Without boring you with irrelevent detail we were truly horrified at what we found – not only in the NHS – with the result my wife suffered a stroke. The “care” she received in Hereford almost killed her, but with grit, determination (and a deal of money) she
    is now walking (or rather was until Monday when her “medication”
    was changed to a cheaper generic substance).

    I bought your book. I am now going to buy more for my children
    (not that they need the details one is a FRCS, another a midwife whilst the other practises at the Criminal Bar).

    Hope these new purchases will support your cause with a few groats in royalties (I have been unable to work since caring for my wife) and have made numerous comments on Amazon – not my usual habit despite being a prolific reader, and have hopefully subscribed to your newsletter: but who, if I may ask, is this paranoid Gullick family?

    One says all his details are on your website, but I cannot find them
    Even if I do, I shall not approach him but please watch your back.

    Take care and the Lord be with you.


  • C A Price says

    I am 100% behind you Julie, I had a similar situation with my elderly mother and I believe that she would have given up 3 years earlier than she did had I not been a regular visitor to her in hospital. My strength of character and attitude in the face of lackadaisical care was probably not well received but got things done. I feel sorry for elderly patients who do not have anyone to shout their corner. There are some caring people working for the NHS and some who are not; they know who they are! The problem is clearly at the top, managers looking after themselves with no concern for the patients. You have done a great job, don’t take any notice of the Internet trolls , ignoring them hurts them more. Keep up the good work !

  • Alison Cann says

    Hi Julie just caught the end of your interview on the one show. I’ve been following these stories after my horrendous 6 night stay in Macclesfield general hospital. Luckily for me I came out alive, but then again I’m in my late 40s so could defend myself. My story of my stay is quite lengthy I’m writing it up at the moment. Would you be interested in it to add more fuel to your campaign. My opinion of the staff was fat lazy girls. The only ones working were the little Asian nurses running round like idiots while the others gathered round the desk having biscuits and tea.That’s only a small part of my 6 days of hell.
    Best regards Alison Cann

  • Duncan Black says

    Julie – this person is exhibiting the bullying behaviour so characteristic of the NHS managerial class. I salute you for not succumbing to it. I support you in your campaign for accountability in the NHS – keep going till we get there!

  • I was trained as a nurse in the 1970’s and I believe nursing is a vocation. People in my training class joined the service to care and we upheld this code and we all still do. Since the 1980s I have witnessed a deterioration in nurses morale, and bullying from top down. I now no longer can nurse but I still remain with the vocation within me. I am so saddened that the profession has been hijacked by the dark forces that govern behaviour such as we witness these days. You can’t pay someone to care, you can pay them for their time but whether they care or not is up to them – this is the crux.
    The problem is not just within nursing, I have personal experience of abuse to my mother by ambulance personnel on a journey from London to Brighton in 2010 – no not NHS employees – it is all sub-contracted out now and unchecked. Subbed out to people whose main eye is on the contract and not the delivery of service.
    Britain is so angry today, we all need to stop and at least start to care about each other more. After all what is life for? Julie Bailey and her supporters have a lot of work ahead, and they must not give up. I hope to join them too.

  • alan williams says

    Mr Andrew Gullick
    It is truly sad to read your comments to date, your comments are naive in the extreem and miss the point completely,you say “People will always die in a hospital” indeed this so but we are talking here about much more than that, much, much more yet you simplify death by your words, people go into hospital for cures, for healing of ills which pervade them and ultimately they go into hospital and put their lives into the hands of others, they expect to be cared for. The politics of that caring is not or should not be their concern at any level.This gutsy lady deserves all the support she can muster, for the reality is that caring by definition does not happen, it is a broad and much wider issue than you convey, narrow minded attacks by anyone on another deserve no credance at all and I suspect you have not had a reply simply because your view is exactly that massively narrow minded.

  • Warren says

    Please don’t give up.
    I understand how bad Staffs is but it can equally be matched by Lincoln.
    All your experiences are completely mirrored on this side of the country. My aged relative went into Lincoln Hospital with a broken leg which was immediately operated on successfully. After that it all went down hill. The first night she fell from the bed and broke her nose because the sides had not been raised. When we asked the nurses why we were told the reason was ‘If the sides were up and she climbed over them she would fall further and hurt herself more than falling from the bed.’
    She had a bad reaction to the anaesthetic which damaged her kidney and liver function leaving her confused. She told them she was allergic to antibiotics and was given a wrist band to indicate this but no detail was written on the band so she continued to be given anti-biotics for days. She couldn’t hold down food but It was only after more than 7 days when we demanded something be done, that the nurses realised she had not eaten or drunk anything. Without a drip she was dehydrated and suffering signs of malnutrition. when they did then try and get her to eat and inspite of her notes specifying Gluten free she was given standard food and when she queried it the nurse told her it doesn’t matter it would be alright. This subsequently lead her to having severe reaction in the form of boils.
    She was given drugs for days after a Doctor had instructed them to be stopped. These are just the headlines, there are so many thing we could say, incorrect cannulas, incorrect records, failure to carry out doctors specific instructions, it is endless.
    The injury that started this admission would have lead to a week in hospital. The dreadful care she suffered meant she was in for 6 weeks and was in a very poorly state when she was eventually released home to start a recovery.
    If we hadn’t repeatedly intervened and suffered aggressive responses without being put off I do not believe she would have survived her stay in Lincoln.
    This is not an isolated incident, we can provide several severe near fatal examples.
    Please don’t stop.
    I am not anti NHS. I cannot speak highly enough of Worksop and Doncaster hospitals who saved my life 5 years ago after Lincoln had spent several months conducting tests and failing to detect a malignant cancer which took Worksop one, 20 minute test to identify.
    The lies and cover up that followed our complaint was unbelievable.
    Please don’t stop.

  • Sandra Simkin says

    I have campaigned against abusive practices in the NHS myself which took 10 years of my life so I know just how difficult what you have achieved today has been for you. I also received abusive phone calls and had horrible letters to deal with. I also did lots of broadcasts and was set up on one BBC interview with 3 opponants and just me speaking the truth. I served as a Borough Councillor and for 8 years was their representative on the local Community Health Council and survived an attack by the hospital against me and a request to have me removed from the Council. There is intense vested interest and corruption at every level in the NHS and the only good thing to do with it is to dismantle it completely and build a genuine and honest organisation in its place. Politicians are complete idiots, always banging on about the glorious institution but never wanting to know the real truth of the situation. No Government would dare make the the changes needed as it would admit that thay have been wrong for 50 years.
    Sandra Simkin

  • Dave of Stafford says

    About 4 years ago my wife suffered at the hands of this hospital. She had meningitis her three days in hospital she received no food from the hospital as she was taken for tests during meal times when she returned she was told that the meals left had been eaten by the nurses. Nothing offered to drink fortunately she was able to text me asking for food and water.

    Thank you Julie for your persistence and god bless you, your mum will be proud of you.

  • Mrs C. M. Ball says

    I have just about heard and seen enough, I have stood to one side right from the start of this, wanting to comment, but have stopped myself from doing so, untill i came across your acidic tongue, Mr. Andrew. Gullick! but people like you Mr.Gullick, make my blood boil! do you just sit around and look for someone to have a go at ? your attitude stinks! Mr. Gulliick, may i ask you if you have ever in your life “loved” anyone other than yourself? because if you ever have, and i doubt this very much! yes, ” if ” you ever have experienced “love” real love, you would not be so quick to write the nasty remarks, comments and uncalled for criticism of the work and effort that Julie Bailey has dedicated herself to do on behalf of her mother and other people who have lost their “loved” ones, and of others that have been affected by the issues that have been brought forward by Julie Bailley and many others, at the troubled Stafford Hospital, I am really pleased and happy for the people who have been to Stafford Hospital and have been treated well, and i praise the nurses and the staff for being there and working together to enable them to go back to their homes after their treatment and back to their “loved” ones, and no-one is blaming any one particular person or persons for the problems, it is a combination of faults, from top of the spiral and across the board. I feel sure that it was not Julies intention to have our hospital closed down, but to point out to people that there were big problems at Stafford, for goodness sake Mr Gullick have you nothing else better to do with your time than to knock someone who has reported and done something about the situation in her own time purely because she saw first hand that patients (who are people by the way with feelins)) were not being cared for as they should be, and that people were dying unnecessarily and without dignity due to lack of care for whatever reason. I am sure that people do have their own ideas and views about the situation, and will sit on thier backsides talking about what should be done, and how discusting it all is, and do nothing about it! well, Mr. Gillick, this is how it goes, If you “love” someone (as you obviously never have done!) what happens is you become very close to that person, they in fact become part of your life, being, and part of you, and it follows that the person that you “love” you feel for, and certainly do not wish to see them being hurt abused or destressed in any manner, you want to be there for them because you “love” and care for them, in sickness and in health, that is the way it goes and works, I feel sure that if you, and most people lost the person that they “loved” due to lack of the correct treatment and under some of the most horrific circumstances, (and that is true a fact) and that yes, you would complain too! Some family’s have had to stand by and watch their loved ones slowly die! can you imajine what that is like! it never goes away! would you want to do something about it? i think the answer to that question would also be yes concider yourself lucky Mr Gullick, that it has not happened to you or to your family and friends, it is not a good place to be when it does happen i can assure you of that fact too, and please do not disrespect the people and familys that it has happened to! are you saying that if it was to happen to your family or loved one that you would just turn around and say nothing, i think not! I unfortunatly lost my brother, who was on a dialysis at the time he was 58 yrs of age. and my mother died because there were not enough nurses to look after her and her special needs, and while i was there sitting beside her, other people in the ward were crying out for help, help me please ! somebody help me! they were obivously very distressed, nobody came to help!! the nurses were overstretched then, and this was in 2003 and 2004. this problem is not new! it was happening well befor Julie Baileys mom died there in such sad cicumstances. Let us just think about this– Cannock and Stafford had problems with not having enough nurses– and what happened was that the management brought in agency nurses to cover- next, our trained nurses who had been nursing for a while and doing a relativley good job were not to happy to say the least about the fact that the agency nurses were getting more pay than they were! discontent set in, the nurses decided that as they (the agency nurses) were getting more pay they should do more work– the reality was that most of the agency nurses were not as good as our nurses at hands on nursing– which led to our good nurses leaving, and so on—and then to top it all the “targets” came along, nothing more to say on that, it speakes for its-self. There are obviosly other factors too, and to conclude the whole “set up ” became a disaster waiting to happen, and it did, and so, Mr A. Gullick please, YOU give us some constructive critisisam instead of YOU blaming one person! I truly can not believe that a person can be so narrow minded as to think that one person can be made responsible for what has happend at Stafford hospital! I say, Well done Julie Bailey for having the guts to bring this problem to the front-line, and let us hope that Stafford Hospital can recover with the right people, in the right place, at the right time, which is now. C.M.B. STAFFORD.

  • Lynda Harchtine says

    Thank you for this opportunity to mention the awful experience of the CDU unit in the William Harvey Hospital, Ashford, Kent last week.
    Communication and patient discharges are a shambles with patients being sent home on their own to cold houses and without their medication.
    When they announced that Dad was being sent home I left Reading to try and prevent another disaster. I was told he had to be moved by 4pm.
    The experience of sitting with him watching the behaviour of nurses has left me numb.
    I was told I was breaking Health and Safety rules by trying to get him fresh water and a clean glass. As they ‘swanned’ up and down not once did they acknowledge him.
    Men were crying out for the loo – totally ignored.
    By chance I noticed a bag had appeared at the end of the bed – his medication – we
    could have left without it!! Not a word spoken.
    The ward was filthy – under the bed, discarded plastic needle tops and other paper rubbish on the floor.
    Dad was recovering from pneumonia. It was pouring with rain and when the wheelchair arrived they wanted to take him there and then in his ‘nightie’. I pulled the curtains
    and dressed him. He is now in a ‘step’ home and I hope we NEVER have to return to this hospital. I spoke to Dads GP about it on his last admission and the reply was “its what we have to deal with here”
    I spoke to Age UK (wonderful) who told me they had seen a patient discharged and
    another brought in and put in the same bed!! No change of bed linen or cross infection seen to. When challenged the reply was “we have not got time, we need this bed now”
    When you call the response is abrupt and information conflicting. I began to dread calling.
    I feel sick and saddened to see this uncaring attitude
    What has happened to the image of nursing that we once knew and now expect?
    I agree with Allison Pearson (D Telegraph feature) yesterday. We need fresh people from outside the NHS to take over. People who are unafraid.
    Those responsible need punishing and sacking with NO PENSION POTS/PAYOFFS

  • suzanne@wyoming-interactive says

    I was a nurse in a hospital in edinburgh. I raised concerns to my nurse managrr on several occasions re unsafe practise. Nothing was done. I have been away from my post for almost two yrs now and currently in a grievance procedure. All of this has been covered up by the NHS. My career is over.
    I wholheartedly back your efforts.
    I believe all of thr hospitals in the counyry should be lookrd at.

  • D Payne says

    from the official HSE website:
    The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 is a landmark in law. For the first time, companies and organisations can be found guilty of corporate manslaughter as a result of serious management failures resulting in a gross breach of a duty of care.

    Why isn’t a prosecution being pusued in this appaling example of mismanagement?

  • Jacqui O'Neill says

    Hi Julie I’m new to your site but have been following you. I am a firm believer that competent leadership & less egotistical massage is the only way to improve. NHS staff fear for their jobs so therefore do not speak out. Patients fear for their lives so don’t speak out!! The sooner the public clearly understand the NHS is free at the point f delivery – not Free – the more empowered patients would feel. If you had your nails done & you were unhappy you wouldn’t think twice about getting them to rectify it!!! OR. Get the NHS to provide an exit bill to patients the same way as private healthcare does. Everything is supposed to be by Tariff anyway!!! Patients should not be concerned about asking questions – qualified professionals should know the answer if they don’t they should know how to quickly find out or get another day job !!! Keep up the good work the the staff & patients of the NHS xx

  • Christina Taylor says

    I’m so thankfujl to have found your campaikgn group. I’m sorry to say that problems are widespread with the NHS. Here is a complaint I’ve just written to my local Pal’s organisation:……..

    For some months my mother had complained of pain and blood in her urine. I took her to the doctors several times between October and December of last year. She had blood tests and urine tests and several courses of antibiotics and pain killers prescribed and finally the doctor decided to make a referral to a renal specialist. Whilst waiting for an appointment at the renal unit she continued to deteriorate quickly and on 30th December I sent for an ambulance.

    I explained in A and E that she had been passing blood in her urine and described exactly where she had indicated pain which was just above her kidney. She was then sent on to B2 ward. I spend days repeating to nurses and a junior doctor who I was lucky enough to catch on the ward, that she complained of severe pain and I myself had often seen blood in her urine. I was told that my mother had not displayed any pain and had not passed any blood since being admitted.

    My mother was in hospital for almost four weeks. During this time my brother and I were told in chronological order the following: she has a urine infection, she has a chest infection, she has had constipation which has been rectified and there is now nothing else wrong with her. I asked for a meeting between my brother and myself, the doctor in charge of her care and the hospital social worker. We were told she would be discharged with no further home help possible as there was nothing wrong with her. I protested that I could not cope with her at home without some help as she was not eating, drinking, taking medication, was repeatedly complaining of pain and was immoble at home and needed assistance with all basic needs. I was told by the doctor that my mother had shown none of this whilst in hospital and that a physiotherapist had made an assessment that she was able to care for herself. I needed help to cope with her care. The hospital social worker phoned me again the next day to tell me that no more help was available as my mother was considered fit and well enough to care for herself and that I must arrange any further help needed. I asked that he arrange a further assessment and he told me that was not his job and he could not help me further. This left me very upset and confused as to how I would cope on my mother’s discharge and I told him this. He said if I felt I needed help then I must arrange this privately myself.

    In the four weeks she was there I had to repeatedly ask that her dirty sheets be changed. The same sheets were used for 25 days before I finally got the nurses to change them. When my brother and I asked for information regarding my mother’s condition and for further help because we were not happy that she was being discharged as fit, we had to search out a nurse as there were too few nurses around. When we did find a nurse we were told they had just come on duty and did not know anything. This was a daily occurrence and we despaired of getting to speak with anyone who could give us information or help us arrange a further assessment of her condition.

    Whilst waiting for discharge she complained of pain (yet again) and was sent for a scan which revealed a massive, inoperable tumour and end of life care was put into place. We asked the consultant why was this not found in the previous three weeks inpatient stay. The consultant said that modern doctors do not palpitate and use their hands. If they had then the tumour would have been easily found before any scan!

    On the day of her discharge I waited in her home for her arrival. I had cleared her locker the previous day and there was only her immediate toiletries to pack. When she finally arrived outside the house in an ambulance, two very disgruntled ambulance staff made her stand to get her out of the ambulance and they dragged her down the steps and into the house. I asked them not to be so rough and to slow down. I hated to see her treated in this way. They were angry that they had had to wait on the ward and that they themselves had to pack up what few belongings she had to bring home. I quote the ambulance men’s words – “The place (ward B2) is in total confusion as usual!’
    I asked the ambulance men where was her Zimmer frame? No one had given it to them to bring or told them she needed it. I had to phone the ward and ask that her frame be delivered as I could not leave her on her own to collect it. It took my mother two days to recover from the ordeal of being brought home by the ambulance because of the way she was dragged into the house.

    This is a complaint I made a few days ago. No doubt I will get the standard apology but nothing else will be done! Research shows that misdiagnosis is among the top five complaints and of this group 75% have no further action taken.

    Christina Taylor

  • Christina Taylor says

    I forgot to post on myu previous post a big thank you to your organisation. God knows the cost of it all emotionally to you all. Ignore comments such as I’ve just read. They are worthless. Without your campaign I would not have had the strength to fingt my own battle with my own local hospital. God bless you all

    xxChristina Taylor

  • Ellie says

    Julie, your campaign has brought to light serious neglect in the NHS that is widespread. My family has been devasted since a relative died at the hands of ‘caring’ professionals who ignored everything we said about them giving her the wrong drug doseage. We said, ‘something needs to be done’. You have done it.
    Please don’t let this man’s comments get to you.

  • Lynne Noble says

    HI Julie.
    Really sad that Andrew Gullick is completely missing the point!!!!!

    Name and shame is the only way, for both people like Andrew and those NHS Bullies that use targets as a way of creating a psychopathic playground for those pre-disposed to bullying, or egotistical “peacocking”, or worse to hide incompetence

    Keep up the good work Julie

    Lynne Dundee

  • tamina Rashell says

    Julie Bailey,

    Thank you so much for the campaigning you have done at personal cost to yourself and your family, and I might add during your grief and loss. You care, like so many people who have lost loved ones because of neglect and lack of accountability in the NHS which is failing many, and which is totally unacceptable to most decent people who have intergrity like you.
    Not everyone has intergrity and the courage to speak up, they prefer to attack and blame just like the person who wrote the venom above in question, you might want to report him to the relevant agencies no doubt they already know his name already, and we all have a legal right not to engage with angry and venomous people like the person writing and seeking attention to provoke.

    Please continue with your campaign , you have so much support and will continue to have.

    Best Wishes, and Thanks again for your courage. A moving an honest book, I will be recommending it to everyone I know, who cares.

  • Paul Kitchen says

    Dear Julie,

    Please continue with your campaign, it has helped make “Safe” a very unsafe NHS which has been failing so many Patients, who are Vulnerable and have been badly let down.

    Please ignore comments from people who have a distorted agenda and feel the need to attack and blame, you will always get certain individuals who distort the truth.

    We will continue to support your campaign until we see the improvements that are imperative to the NHS,

    I too will be recommending your book to everyone I know.

    Kind Regards ,

  • Cass says

    This person obviously doesn’t realise that ‘ you can’t make a fresh pot of coffee with the old grinds still in the pot ‘ – until the rot in the NHS is cut out, we will never be able to build it anew – until wards and staff that are not fit for purpose are removed from the system, we will not see the creation of the kind of facilities and staff we all so durely need.
    Keep up the good work Julie, vulnerable patients need strong champions more than ever right now

  • Julie midsummer says


    Take no notice.You are doing what I have been battling with for 3 years to no avail with respect to my fathers care home.

    Please extend your campaign to nursing in care homes and accountability of care home providers.

    my father has just died from neglect, and the Local Authority are “investigating”
    e was beaten up 3years ago in his care home, and neither CQC nor the authority nor the provider who tried to lie his way out of liability were interested.
    recently my dad died slowly over a month period,dehydrated,unmediated,and starved.

    Best wishes

    Another Julie

  • S Magee says

    I understand where you folks are coming from and it is right that change must come from what has happened at Mid Staff’s.
    I’m a nurse, I have been for 12 years and I work bloody hard, as do my colleagues. I’m hurt that yet again the media seem to be leading a one sided witch hunt against health professionals. I can hand on heart say that I do care, I don’t see bad care being delivered and I am PROUD to be a nurse.
    Please try to ensure that a balance view is given, I’m not nieve enough to think that some nurses are may be not doing what they should be, but I would have to ask why? I don’t believe any body gets up in the morning and goes to work and says ‘you know what, today I’m going to provide bad care!’
    On the back of this campaign I feel for our patients the most as at a time when they are most vulnerable, they need reassurance about coming to hospital because they are terrified by the stories they have seen or read in the media.
    You have a big responsibility guys, keep it fair!

  • julie you are a great and brave lady and steadfast more power to you love.i hope you recieved my message to join and not only offer my support but documentation to prove by the authorities and gov officials along with the police and nhs they have themselves brocken not only human and civil rights of yours and your loved ones but broken parlimentary rules and the law as criminal activities are clearly unearthed as all can see b ut the gov as failed to keep the citizens safe from harm.collusion cannot be tollerated cameron said in parliment.well julie you can have all the documents i have that show all this including some on tv stating there sadness at the loss of all those loved ones as if they were shocked.liers they know and not only cover it up but allow it to continue to stop disc losure and the exposure of top officials and those in goverment .i am severly disabled and continue to suffer.so julie and all of you,it is not unusual for people to engage in trying to shift blame,discredit people,harras them and tryand turn people against you.how they sleep at nite i dont know but i can asure you some of them enjoy the hurt and misery they inflict evil dunt come close to what some will do.it seems that chap has underestimated you julie and your friends and supporters.please get back to me others will help as well.you and your group have the chence to nail those who allow it and worst dont punish those responsible but as i have endured for years because the coverups were allowed in the fist place if it came out in open court the documented evidence of those in high public office were mentioned on and sighned nhs/police/dept health/etc they would lose there public office and the gravy train and there liberty as believe me the involvment of high office is undeniable,got it all.and some are involved in your plight .once in a while a lady comes along like you and makes profound change and impact for the benefit of the peoples of the uk .all the best to you all god bless.

  • tamina Rashell says

    Hope you continue your brave campaign, the only people to blame for the situation at Staffordshire hospital then and today are all those who were negligent and all those who colluded with the shocking treatment vulnerable patients endured.

  • Jenny Davies says

    Dear Julie – I commend you for the brilliant work you are doing with highlighting these appalling atrocities that are going on in NHS trusts. I was very shocked and dismayed at what I heard on the news about what went on at Staffs trust and how patients were neglected and disturbingly, the fact that there is no accountability by the NHS management or resignations from any of the key NHS Managers as yet! We now seem to have a large tier of NHS Managers who are adept at not taking responsibility for when things go horribly wrong and then seem to finger point and detract attention from themselves by attacking the very healthcare professionals such as the nurses and doctors who are actually trying to care for patients in the midst of NHS mismanagement. It seems clear that available resource should be directed more to the people actually providing the healthcare and very much less on these NHS ‘managers’ who get paid for bad management and don’t hold themselves accountable or show any responsibilty when things go terribly wrong. The govt do not come across as taking this seriously. The issues are resulting in patients being treated appalingly and also associated in an increase in unnecessary deaths after all. The govt/NHS management think that an apology and linking nurses pay to care (from a speech by David Cameron recently) will be enough. Well it certainly isn’t. At the very least resignations and linking NHS managers pay and position tenure to the trust’s ability to care for patients would be more appropriate I would have thought. Sincerest thanks to you Julie and the efforts of the Cure the NHS campaign for all this to be brought to national attention and that these issues will not be brushed aside as the govt would like it to be. This seems to be the worst tragedy for the NHS since its creation and it is very sad that the NHS (a brilliant healthcare system for everyone) is being mismanaged in such an appalling way and with such devastating results. Please, please, please do not give up on your excellent work or be disheartened by negative comments. With the NHS being available to all, it should be in everyone’s interest to be a 100% behind what you are doing.

  • Bet says

    It’s about time we stood up and were counted.
    We should not accept substandard care.
    We should not provide substandard care.
    We should not abuse those who are prepared to fit for what is right.
    We expect the best for ourselves.
    We should expect the best for our fellow man.
    I suppor this.
    I support Julie.

  • kevin riley says

    As a retired solicitor I have wrttten a number of letters, an e mail and left a telephone message offering my (free of any charge) help and support but have received no response.

    Am I wasting my time?

  • R Frank Wilson says

    Dear Julie,
    Very much an admirer of what you and your organisation are doing.
    Very sorry to hear about this abuse from Steve Gullick which, from what you say regarding the persistence and tone of the contacts, seems very much like stalking behaviour.
    I do have some experience in this field and would be happy to help if I can.
    Please feel free to contact me.
    PS I note that Mr Gullick has a facebook page.

  • Len Harrison says

    That Stafford a/e is going to be, or was closed is not Julies fault, it’s that of those in charge of the NHS. Those that criticise the NHS are doing it a favour. They won’t destroy it. If you go to a poorly run holiday hotel with cockroaches and dangerous balconies, do you tell them about it or stay silent and wait for people to die? Obviously you tell.

    So why not the same with the NHS? Reason is politics and management only interested in their jobs and pension and saving their face. Patients to them do not matter, and more that die the better.. I have worked for NHS, and the part I worked in was the same as the patient care part. Incompetent management, bullying and hiding problems and errors. Only those with a brown nose got on, and tens of thousands of £pounds was wasted.

    The NHS needs everyone to complain and follow it up, a ban on non-disclosure and all such agreements made illegal and invalid. The NHS is a stinking cess pit and it needs clearing out, for the benefit of tax payers, patients and all those in it strugling to do a decent job. So get behind Julie and support her

  • Pat Eyton says

    I have no connection with Stafford Hospital, I live in Wolverhampton but I take my hat off to people who stick their necks out and make a stand when things are wrong. What went on a Stafford Hospital was criminal, these people should not be allowed to work in any of the caring professions, so well done you for all your hard work at a time when you least needed it.

    As for Andrew Gullick sending these emails, who is he? Has he played some part in the goings on at Stafford, why else would anyone support such a culture.

  • tamina Rashell says

    I have signed the e petition today to request the Chief Executive to resign, I feel it would be right and proper for him to do so and would encourage everyone to support the petition ,lets have a new person to lead a very unhealthy organisation to a new path. In memory of all those who have been harmed and lost their lives in NHS wards.

    The petition can be signed on the CURE THE NHS web site.