Cure the NHS- Statement 17/11/2014

We have been overwhelmed by the positive support during the last week while serious allegations have been made against us once again, by a small number of people.

We made a genuine mistake for eleven days whilst applying for charitable status. Instead of a registered charity we had become a small charity whilst our application was being completed by an agent assisting us to gain charitable status.

We did not intend to mislead anyone as has been suggested. We made the error of putting registered charity instead of a small charity which can be seen in the update history of our website. This was for an eleven day period and as soon as we were informed, we complied with the Charity Commissions request to amend it. During the period concerned no donations were received through the web site.


We have had to update our website this week, firstly to remove the small charity constitution this is due to us no longer wanting to achieve charitable status. Secondly we removed the address on the website because of the threatening communication we were receiving such as this.

We thought the time had come to develop from a campaign group into a charitable organisation to help grow into something bigger and to help more people.

Unfortunately we have reached a point where we have decided to go in a different direction and not pursue charitable status anymore. The conditions are too restrictive for a campaign group and could limit our work. Also the harassment we have had whilst applying, indicates our time would be spent continually defending these smears and lies about us.

We are relieved that we can continue our work as a campaign group, our only sadness is that this would have been opportunity to give more people a voice.

All the members of the Cure the NHS have given selflessly for many years yet have faced harassment throughout, to the point that they feared for their safety and are now too scared to be trustees, because they would have had to identify their addresses. This forced them to resign before we had even got going.

I thought the targeting of my mums grave was the worst it could get but the trolls have known no boundaries. They have targeted the elderly (our Treasurer) and my one year old granddaughter showing the extremes they are willing to go to. 15 months ago I was forced out of my home and business in Stafford. I cannot allow them now to start targeting our Treasurer, who has given his time and expertise for the last five years selflessly.

None of the accusations have ever been true, some have raised a smile and made us chuckle but others have been insulting and hurtful. Particularly being accused of fraud when we have practically financed our campaign at our own expense for all these years. These people are obsessed to the point where I have been accused of setting up a company for my own personal gain, my marriage certificate has been sought out and broadcast online. I’ve been accused of making false allegations to the NMC, even my stepson who I haven’t spoken to for 13 years has been targeted and smeared.  The final straw for us is the landlord of our treasurer, who has a holiday home has been contacted. Informing them of these fraud allegations, when the evidence clearly doesn’t add up from an article so poorly written the author will not even put their name to it.

Over 7 years we have had many who have ignored us, denied the failings and attacked us but in the end we have always come out stronger, more determined and more united ready to help others cure the NHS.

We know some of the harassment is politically motivated and this is only likely to intensify during the run up to the election and this is why we are bowing out, now. This was the response from a prospective parliamentary candidate the evening these spurious accusations were made.                                                                                                                                              Untitled3

Through all of this unpleasantness we hope those that find the need to damage and upset other people’s lives will one day find peace themselves.

Even though we have decided against charitable status, our aim still remains to help cure the NHS.


Julie Bailey CBE



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  • Independent says

    I’m truly sorry for the disgusting way you’ve been treated during your campaign. As for the trolls trying to imply that your error (swiftly corrected) of claiming charity status was “potentially very serious” they clearly have no idea what they are talking about.

    Registering as a charity is optional if your income is under £5,000, and some types of charity don’t need to register at all.

    Trust me, the Charity Commission has better things to do with its time, and cases of real concern to investigate, than this.

    There are plenty of instances where trolls have ended up in court due to harassment. I hope that your local police force will also take action. Just to be clear to the trolls… every time you post a comment on the internet, there is a record of where the comment has come from and it really isn’t difficult for the police to track you down.