Cure the NHS Campaign

Cure the NHS is made up with a small group of relatives/patients community members who succesfully campaigned for a public inquiry into the failings at Mid Staffs hospital. The Health Care Commission investigated the Buy clomid online australia hospital in 2009 and estimated that around 400-1200 lost their lives unnecessary at the hospital.

After this report which identified a complete lack of any governance at the hospital and a complete breakdown in the regulatory system, Viagra generic canada we began a campaign for a public inquiry under the Inquiries Act 2005, where witnesses give evidence on oath and in public. The Labour government at the time refused and conceded to a series of Viagra for women small inquiries but none that would be public. We continued to campaign and managed to gain national support from the press and the public, this helped to Viagra price uk keep up the pressure. The BBC have a timeline of our campaign at Buy xenical without a prescription The Government continued to say that the failings were a local issue and Buy viagra professional online not a problem within the Buy cialis tadalafil NHS, but we knew differently.

This website provides information for who need help and advice about how to deal with the hospital and how to help a relative in there. It also provides information on our campaigns to raise awareness of the problems. If you cannot find the information your require or would like to offer your support then please do not hesitate to contact us.