Safe Staffing

Cure the NHS welcomed the publication of the A&E guideline and particularly the fact that the committee clearly supported the idea of minimum nurse to patient ratios as being the best route to protect patients and provide high standards of care. We would urge all NHS trusts to consider aNd act on this guideline in the interests of their patients.
As a group we remain shocked and concerned that the Government and NHS England suspended NICE’s work on safe nurse staffing, a key recommendation …

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July Blog

I was hoping after the Francis report that the one thing that would be improved immediately would be the complaints process. I’m disappointed to say that little has changed within some organisations. I’m still hearing how unfair patients/relatives are being treated and the, deny, delay, defend culture is still prevalent. It’s mostly the smaller District General hospitals that I hear about but not always.

Throughout the Mid Staffs Public Inquiry (MSPI) we heard just how difficult it was for complainants …

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Snowy white peaks

Last week I attended the BME network conference in London and what an eye opener. The room was full of people with experiences of injustice and discrimination within the NHS workplace. At times it was really difficult to sit and listen to the way people have discriminated against because of the colour of their skin. My speech focussed on the discrimination the elderly experience not only within the NHS but Society itself.  I went home with my eyes opened worrying how difficult it must be …

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