Review into whistle blowing

Robert Francis announces the review into whistle blowing

Details of how people can share their experiences of trying to raise concerns within the NHS

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July Blog

I was hoping after the Francis report that the one thing that would be improved immediately would be the complaints process. I’m disappointed to say that little has changed within some organisations. I’m still hearing how unfair patients/relatives are being treated and the, deny, delay, defend culture is still prevalent. It’s mostly the smaller District General hospitals that I hear about but not always.

Throughout the Mid Staffs Public Inquiry (MSPI) we heard just how difficult it was for complainants …

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The BBC want to hear about the failings of the NHS complaints process

I urge everyone to share your experience with the BBC as we need to expose what is happening within the complaints procedure, once again! I know we have to keep telling that there is a problem but perhaps one day someone will listen and act.

We need a much more independent process


To add your comments add the subject line NHS complaints

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