About Cure the NHS

This site is firstly dedicated to Bella Bailey 16/02/1921 – 08/11/2007

… and also to the many others who have lost their lives needlessly on wards in Staffordshire General Hospital. We launched this campaign after witnessing 8 weeks of elderly care in this hospital. What we saw after the first few days left us fearing for my Mother’s life and too frightened to leave her. We stayed by her side sleeping on a chair for the first four days without a blanket, on the fourth night a nurse took pity and gave us one.

What we saw horrified us and from the letters we have received, it haunts many others who have dad relatives/friends on those wards. Some relatives have spent longer staying in the hospital than us and have shared their experiences. Most of the letters relate to wards 10, 11 and 12 and it is ward 11 where my Mother spent her last days.

After the needless death of my Mother, who yes was ill but not ready to die, we her family felt unable to let the suffering/abuse we saw continue. The campaign was launched by this [letter to the Staffordshire Newsletter].

The launch of the campaign with the help of the Staffordshire newsletter brought in many similar stories to ours. Their loved ones had been neglected or abused on those wards. My Mum was lucky she had us to help care for her. Many didn’t, they died alone.

We were lucky too as we had each other. We shared the care between the family and were able to discuss the horrors we witnessed. Many of the letters we received were from relatives who only had themselves to provide the care, too fearful to leave their loved ones. They had to watch as their relative failed and faded before them. Many had been full time carers now forced to watch as their loved ones body broke down before them. Dressings left unchanged and sores left to fester, nurses too busy to attend to even the basic of nursing needs. Many wrote how they watched their loved ones shrinking before them from lack of nourishment and care. Unable to provide the care they once did now reliant on the nursing staff for their loved ones needs.

Fore some writing to the campaign has helped each the frustration and pain they still feel from the death of their loved one. For many it has confirmed their fears!

They have complained, took it all the way as many have said, but nothing has changed.

This time we are uniting and this campaign will continue until we have assurances that the neglect/abuse that people have suffered and are still suffering stops. We have all seen our relatives suffer and we all know unless we do something together more will suffer.

We intend in time to shore with your some of the experiences we have read about. Some we hope to publish as several people are interested in our plight.

We hope to contact by person our MP Mr David Kidney who is responsible for the hospital.
We sent a letter to David Kidney alerting him to the horrors we have witnessed – we have not enclosed the letter of complaint intended for the hospital. Though we will as the complaint is dealt with.

We have also contacted the Health Commission who we have wrote to with our concerns and sent a copy of my letter of complaint regarding my Mother. Click here to view the Letter to the Health Commission.

The letter we have received from families who have too contacted the Health Commission have been assured at the time that the standards at the hospital would improve. They now find due to the launch of our campaign that nothing has changed the loss of their loved ones life hasn’t helped others and their time was wasted.

We have launched this campaign and we have found each other. Through very sad circumstances we now intend to ensure something is done. We are ordinary people who have witnessed the abuse/neglect of vulnerable people. We have put our trust in others who have let us down.

I didn’t at first put my concerns in writing I was advised by PALS to speak with the ward manager, Sister Leach. From the letters I have received this too is familiar. Concerned families are encouraged by the PALS team to discuss problems and not to officially complain. I would advise you not to take this approach put all your concerns in writing and address them to Martin Yeates, Chief Executive.

My concerns were ignored and altered to suit her explanation of events. It’s sad but true and several letters I have received relatives have had the same thing happen to them. Put your complaint in writing try and include names of witnesses and accurate times and dates. Send a copy to your MP and anyone else you can think of who may help.

We have been overwhelmed.

The Care Standards Act 2002 and the Human Rights Act should be there to help us to stop this abuse on those hospital wards.

With your help we will stop this suffering.