10 Year Anniversary

I only hope lessons have been learnt from Mid Staffs

Ten years ago today my mother, Bella Bailey, died on ward 11 of Mid Staffs Hospital. In her final days she suffered horrendously at the hands of those who should have cared for her. What I saw on that ward will stay with me for the rest of my life.

It is a story I have told many times over the last ten years and while patient safety has certainly been put on the agenda the sad …

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Safe Staffing

Cure the NHS welcomed the publication of the A&E guideline and particularly the fact that the committee clearly supported the idea of minimum nurse to patient ratios as being the best route to protect patients and provide high standards of care. We would urge all NHS trusts to consider aNd act on this guideline in the interests of their patients.
As a group we remain shocked and concerned that the Government and NHS England suspended NICE’s work on safe nurse staffing, a key recommendation …

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Safe Staffing March



Template to write to your MP.




On 4th June NHS England asked the National Institute for Health and
Care Excellence (NICE) to suspend its programme on safe staffing in the
NHS. ?The publication of evidence-based guidelines on safe staffing in
A&E, due in May, and any further guidance from NICE, seems to have been
shelved. ?The capacity for independent review of research evidence on
safe staffing, provided by NICE and called for by Sir Robert Francis in
his Mid-Staffs report, has been discarded. ?Sir Robert himself has
expressed serious …

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